256th LEVEL of PAC-MAN shirt on The IT Crowd British “Channel 4″ has a geeky show called “The IT Crowd“, a zany comedy about three IT workers. The character Roy wears a 256th LEVEL OF PACMAN for nearly the entire episode.You can probably also find the entire episode on YouTube by searching for “Red Door” or “Episode 4″, but you didn’t hear it from me.


The IT Crowd screenshot


BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH (Windows 95/98) on TLC’s Hoaring: Buried Alive. Hoarding: Buried Alive is a show on TLC about people who’ve stopped throwing things out. It’s good for the environment, bad for their quality of life. At the resolution of this one particular episode Rob and his mom talk about how things are better now that the house is cleaner, and it’s quite touching. This Errorwear media sighting is a first because it’s from a non-computer-geek source.


BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH (Windows 95/98) on TechTV. Megan Morrone talked about Errorwear on THE SCREENSAVERS back when the show was on TechTV.


BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH (Windows 95/98) on Canadian Television News Show. Errorwear-clad reporter Mark Saltzman appeared on a segment of “TechWise” which is a segment on “MoneyWise” which is a segment on a Canadian news show. (Canada is a segment of North America).


The UK magazine PC EXTREME had a t-shirt gallery, featuring several Errorwear shirts.