256th LEVEL of PAC-MAN shirt

ADD TO CART WHOA! A premium version of the 256th LEVEL OF PAC-MAN shirt we’re calling the OVERFLOW EDITION. (Please recognize how clever that is.)

Huge print, top to bottom, on one half of the shirt! And a little on the sleeve! The design runs right off the bottom of the shirt, so if you get a larger size, you actually see more of the print.

So super stylish, people will ask if you’re visiting from Europe. If you’re already in Europe, people will say something about football? I guess? I don’t know much about Europe. If this first Overflow Edition does well–I mean when this one does well–we will start introducing Overflow Editions of other error shirts.

(Try to even find a printer who can print a 28″ design in your town! Just try! OK you found one, tops!)


alex_pacman_overflow 256th Level of Pacman OVERFLOW shirt 256th LEVEL OVERFLOW shirt